Programmatically add new line in Infopath Rich text area プログラム的にリッチテキスト領域に改行を挿入する

Today, I am writing this entry in English because I think it may be useful to not only Japanese, but all SharePoint users in abroad. At least I could not find a precise solution by Google (or Bing of course).


It is relatively easy to add a line break programmatically in multi-line text node (refer last entry) . Though, things would be different for a rich text. The same method does not work for rich text area.


So, I am going to do this by using Jscript.
First, here is the sample xsn file AddNewLine.xsn.

そこで、Jscript を利用して、これを実行してみました。

The form is quite simple. One button, one rich text node, and that is all. Everytime you click the “Add New Line” button, a new line is added to the rich text area.


Below, I explain how to designe this form.


First of all, you have to create a form with a rich text node, and a button. The name could be anything, but here I say “NewLine” for button and “Rtext” for node. Then, save this form on your local computer.


Unzip the xsn file, and you should see following internal files.

xsn ファイルを解凍して下さい。

Open “template.xml” by text editor. You would find the deffinition of the node, such as . Then modify it as [div xmlns=””][/div]
note: You should replace [ ] by < >

template.xml をテキストエディタで開きます。
リッチテキストノードを定義した を見つけ、これを次のように変更してください。[div xmlns=””][/div]
※[ ] は < > で置換してください。

After you save the change, next open “manifest.xsf” by designe mode and then save it again. This brings you a new template(xsn) file with modified node setting.

変更を保存したら、今度は manifest.xsf をデザインモードで開き、すぐにそのまま保存します。

Open the new template by designe mode, and apply following script(Jscript).

[code lang=”js”]function NewLine::OnClick(eventObj)
//define your own variable
var Str = "<font color="red">value you want to add as a new line</font>";
var RichtTextNode = "<font color="red">my:myfield/my:Rtext</font>";

var Pnode = XDocument.DOM.selectSingleNode(RichtTextNode);
var Cnode = Pnode.childNodes;

//deleting unwanted text nodes.
for (i=0; i<Cnode.length; i++)
if(Cnode[i].nodeName == "#text")

//setting value for the first line(div tag already exixts)
if(Cnode.length == 1 && Cnode[0].text == "")
var Cnode = Pnode.firstChild;
Cnode.text = Str;
//otherwise copy the last node(div) and create a new node, then set value.
var Cnode = Pnode.lastChild;
Pnode.lastChild.text = Str;

Infopath のテキストフィールドに改行を挿入する


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